Isowall Digital print

The Isowall Digital Print line came out from the idea to make prints and wall panels for interior decoration up to a width of three meters.
This solution for wallcovering is suitable to provide an elegant and personalized solution that can make unique living as well as work spaces.
The Isowall fabric is pigment printed thanks to the digital print method, which, due to its high printing definition, ensures vivid colours as well as the absence of harmful substances, in full compliance with standards and requirements for the protection of human health.
The Isowall Flowers collection allows you to have panels of different sizes
(4,50 mts x 2,90 mts and 1.90 mts x 2,90 mts).
The Isowall Portfolio collection, instead, does not provide for fixed sized, allowing us to print to any length.
In addition to our collections the customer has the possibility to print any useful image in order to completely cover a wall upon his own wishes: the solutions are really endless and can be adapted to every need, and they are suitable to customize every your room.

Isowall Flowers

Isowall Portfolio

Isowall Acqueforti